Ward 1 Candidate Maureen Wilson Wants Record Keeping Changes at City Hall, Says Showing Up Is Not Enough

Ward 1 Candidate Maureen Wilson Wants Record Keeping Changes at City Hall, Says Showing Up Is Not Enough

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August 6, 2018

Ward 1 resident and City Council candidate, Maureen Wilson, wants to see changes made to how Council records are kept, particularly related to Councillors’ attendance and voting records. Currently, Councillors are marked as having attended a meeting, including all Committee meetings, if they’re present at the beginning of the meeting, even if they leave almost immediately after attendance is taken.

“As elected officials, you should be there to work through all of the items on the agenda, no matter how inconvenient that may be for you on that day“ says Wilson. “It’s pretty difficult to demonstrate a true commitment to leadership if you’re not even in the room. If you can’t make it to the meeting, then let the record show you weren’t there.”

Wilson also wants to see changes as to how individual votes are recorded. “Right now, the City Clerk records how many votes there were for and how many votes against a particular item, but no names are recorded. That means residents have no way of determining their own Councillor’s voting record, even if they take the time to comb through published minutes of meetings.”

Councillors can ask for a standing recorded vote if they want to get the names on the record, but that’s usually only done on contentious issues, or when Council wants to demonstrate solidarity on a specific issue.

“If I’m elected as the Ward 1 Councillor, I want my constituents to know how I voted on issues they care about. Every single one of them. A voting record is a simple, yet hugely important action we can take as a City that doesn’t cost a single additional penny,” adds Wilson.

“If, as an elected official, you’re not prepared to stand on your voting record, then I have to question what you’re prepared to stand on. Some votes will be contentious, and difficult, and possibly divisive, but showing leadership and casting votes are what Councillors are elected to do.”

If elected, Wilson says she will move to have full records kept for all Council and Committee

For additional information contact: Graham Crawford gcrawford6@gmail.com

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