Ward 1 Candidate Maureen Wilson Calls For Safer Streets

Ward 1 Candidate Maureen Wilson Calls For Safer Streets

Cites recent pedestrian tragedies as proof action needs to be taken

For Immediate Release

September 5, 2018

Ward 1 resident and City Council candidate, Maureen Wilson, has called for action to be taken by City Council and the City of Hamilton to protect residents on Hamilton’s streets.

Referring to recent pedestrian deaths and injuries in her Ward, and across Hamilton, Wilson says, “My heart goes out to the individuals and families directly affected by these recent tragedies on our streets. This isn’t a political issue. This isn’t a Ward 1 issue. This is a city-wide public safety issue.”

Wilson’s platform document contains a section called ‘Create Safer Shared Streets’. In it, she states, “Too often our streets are hostile to too many people. They’re designed to move traffic. At speeds that make them uncomfortable, or unsafe, for people who are walking, or cycling, using a mobility device, or waiting for or disembarking from public transit.”

Wilson adds, “Speed of traffic is a function of the design of our streets. When we have streets that are as wide or, in the case of Main and King, even wider than Highway 403, we actually create a problem that signs and speed enforcement simply will not fix.”

When asked what she would recommend be done to create safer streets, Wilson again refers to her platform, “There are a number of actions I’ve committed to taking in my platform, including collecting and sharing with residents all collision data to identify collision areas and patterns.

That collision data needs to be analyzed to identify root causes and real solutions. There’s much more that can be done and we must commit, as leaders, to implementing changes that will protect all residents on our streets.”

Wilson is committed to realizing the City’s Vision. “I want our Vision of being the best place to raise a child and to age successfully to be a reality. It has to be more than a slogan. We’ve suffered another summer of collisions, and death. And we have friends and neighbours who are suffering real loss, right now, because of our City’s lack of will and misplaced values. We need to do what we say we’re going to do and make smarter investments that will take us closer to realizing our Vision.”

Wilson’s full platform can be viewed at http://maureenwilson.ca/platform/

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For additional information contact: Graham Crawford gcrawford6@gmail.com

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