Ward 1 Candidate Maureen Wilson Announces 5 Point Platform

Ward 1 Candidate Maureen Wilson Announces 5 Point Platform – A balance of social, quality of life, and economic goals

For Immediate Release

August 28, 2018

Ward 1 resident and City Council candidate, Maureen Wilson, has officially announced her platform.

Wilson says she’s been sharing her 5-point platform with residents at the door at a special events. It consists of:

  • Strong Neighbourhoods for a Stronger City
  • Make Smarter Investments & Plan with Purpose
  • Build Better Transit
  • Create Safer, Shared Streets
  • Enhance our Public Spaces

“The response has been terrific. The platform is resonating with people, as is the fact I spent 10 years in senior staff positions in municipal and regional governments locally. People tell me my experience in government is a real plus. Also, when I tell people I’m an urban planner by training, it gives them confidence that I understand how things fit together.”

The five elements of her platform are further articulated on her website maureenowilson.ca. In addition to a description of what each element means, Wilson has also included a series of commitments for each of the elements, as well as some articles she has either written, or read, she feels provide useful additional information.

“I want people to not only understand what I believe the priorities are for Ward 1 and for Hamilton, but I also want them to see the specific things I’m committing to do on their behalf if I’m elected,” says Wilson.

She adds, “People at the door are asking me why it seems that it so difficult to get things done at City Hall. I agree with them. That has to change. I believe it’s time we started acting as one City, not as 15 Wards. It’s time we started doing what we said we would do. It’s time to lead with purpose.”

Wilson says her goal is to knock on every door in the Ward between now and election day on October 22.
“Not only do I get to introduce myself to residents, I also get to hear what concerns them, and what excites them, about Ward 1 and their City. It’s a great opportunity to connect. I really love the experience.”


For additional information contact: Graham Crawford gcrawford6@gmail.com

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